Part Photo

[ Picture : BT-210 ]


Product Usage

BT-210 uses Bluetooth communication to allow the modules to interact via serial communication (UART). The compatible products are shown below:

(Please refer to the compatible part for instructions on how to connect the device.)

** Caution

- The following are not compatible with BT-210.

1. Remote Controller : RC-100, RC-100A

2. Controller : CM-100, CM-5, CM-2+


[ Example ]


Please be sure to connect the device while the controller is turned off. Damage may occur if the device is connected while the power is turned on.


Communication Mode

utilizes a pairing mechanism that allows reliable 1:1 communication.

[1:1 Communication]


- BT-210 Pairing Setting

Pin Assignment Information


                                      [ BT-210 ] 

1. RXD : Bluetooth Module's Receive Signal terminal

2. TXD : Bluetooth Module's Transmit Signal terminal

3. VCC : Bluetooth Module's Supply Voltage ( 3.3V )

4. GND : Bluetooth Module's Ground Level (0v)


H/W Specification