BT-210 Pairing Setting





The following are AT terminal commands for the BT-210

① System reset
Enter ATZ press the Enter key and the BT-210 resets.if settings have changed the mode will change upon reset.

② Mode change
Use this command to switch between master and slave modes for the BT-210.
AT+BTROLE=M -> Master mode
AT+BTROLE=S -> Slave mode
Afterwards enter ATZ to reset.

                              <MASTER Mode>                                                                         <SLAVE Mode>

③ Peripheral device search
This is possible only in master mode. Enter AT+BTINQ followed by the Enter key the device class comes as 0x1F00(SPP).

④ connecting devices (pairing)
Once devices have been found they can be connected via its 12-digit hex MAC address.
for example a device with MAC address of abc2-ff-123458 enter ATDabc2ff123458 (ignore the – sign). When asked for pin code enter 0000.

⑤ change pin code
AT+BTKEY=digit Pin Code
To change pin code follow the procedure below.

then enter AT+BTKEY (ignore the = sign).

⑥ output current device class
Output of SPP (serial port profile) 0x1f00

⑦ change Bluetooth device name
AT+BTNAME = for name change

⑧ Device Under Test (DUT) mode
Under this mode the device is a “test” device and not suited for applications.

Enter AT+BTDUT then ATZ  (make sure is in slave mode)
To get out of DUT mode enter AT+BTDUT one more time then ATZ



Using BT 210 Pairing Guide