When the robot sounds warning while moving, immediately charge the battery.

The LED will blink when it is charging and turn green when the battery is fully charged.


 ① Take the battery out


 ② Connect the charger


 ③ Charge



(LED : Red)


(LED : Green)


⇒ You can connect the robot to an external power source through SMPS.


⇒ The battery is equipped with a connector to charge the battery and another to move the robot


Charging Time and Battery Life/Operating

Charging Time

Battery Life

Environment and information for operating tests are as follows.


Cautions for safe keeping

Tip 1 : Do NOT  keep the battery connected with a robot or a charger.

Tip 2 : If you will not use the battery for a long time from now on, please keep it HALF-CHARGED.

Tip 3 : Do NOT  put the battery with an environment with high temperature or humidity.



Charging the Battery