User-defined Motions 1 : Create Motion

Prerequisite : Walking Machine
Motions will be added to the motion file used in the "Walking Machine" section. Review the "Walking Machine" section before getting started.


[ Learning Goal ]

Add a new motion using RoboPlus Motion

Let’s learn how to add the follwing 4 motions using the RoboPlus Motion program.

Motion Page No

Movement Description

Motion Page No

Movement Description


Block ball on the right


Get up while lying on stomach


Block ball on the left


Get up while lying on back
  • Motion File :


[ STEP 1 ]

Make a motion to block a ball on the right

  1. Execute RoboPlus Motion, then connect it to the controller. (Please refer to Connect Robot)

  2. To add the “Block Ball” motion in page 14, input a name and step.

  3. Turn off all motors, then set the robot’s pose.  The "Block ball on the right" pose is shown below.

  4. Set the robot’s pose as above. When you press the "torque on" button, the robot’s current actuator values will automatically be saved. When you press the left arrow button, you can read the robot’s current input actuator values into Step’s Pose column.

  5. You can adjust the pause and play durations. (Click here for more information on STEP STOP/PLAY)

  6. Designating the NEXT page as itself(14) will cause the robot to enter an infinite loop and maintain its pose.  Also designate an EXIT page for the robot to smoothly transiton into when it exits the infinite loop.

  7. Make a motion to return to the standard position on the page designated as the Exit page (15).  Add the following 3 steps and poses to page 15.

  8. Additional settings (Number of Repeats, Play Speed, etc…)
    You can also set the number of repeats, entire speed, etc. for each page.


[ STEP 2 ]

Make a motion to block a ball on the left

  • Repeat STEP 1 to make a motion to block a ball on the left on pages16 and 17.


[ STEP 3 ]

Make motions to get up when the robot lying on its back and chest.

  • Add the following steps in motion page 27 and 28 to make a "Get up while lying on stomach" and "Get up while lying on back" motions.
    [ Get up while lying on stomach ]

    [ Get up while lying on back ]  


[ STEP 4 ]


  • Use the "Save (S)" command to save your work in the robot or use “Save As (A)" to save as an .mtn file in your PC.