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※ CM-900 is not produced currently; it is not sold any longer.

Name of Each Part

[Name of Each Part : CM-900]


Download CM-900 software

The CM-900 uses the ROBOTIS CM-9 developmental environment to improve user experience. The IDE can be downloaded to match the OS being used; the  link can be found below.


[Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8]


[Mac OS X] Tested in OS X 10.6.8



[Linux 64bit] Tested in Ubuntu 12.04



[Linux 32bit] Tested in Ubuntu 10.10



CM-900 Windows USB driver Installation

There is no need to install drivers for Linux and Mac OS.

Windows 8 startup settings : disable driver signature enforcement.


1. Driver installation ready after the CM-900 is connected to the PC via USB cable


2. Choose ROBOTIS\drivers directory


3. Choose "install this driver software anyways"


4. Check for COM port number



1. Connect the CM-900 to the PC via USB cable


2. Double click on ROBOTIS CM-9.exe to start program


3. Go to "Tools" > "Serial Port" and select the correct port number(refer to Windows Device Manager)


4. Select the corresponding hardware version


5. Pick any example


6. Choose 1 of the 2buttons
-  Check Button : compiles the code

-  Download Button : compiles, and then downloads

-  The examples are read-only



If Board is not responding appears (from Windows XP’s download) then update the USB Host Controller driver.

Problems may occur if the driver version number is lower.


7. Check USB data via serial monitor


H/W Specification


-Dynamixels cannot be driven from the USB power. Supply power for Dynamixel separately (the CM-900’s power can be supplied from different sources).

-Check the voltage on the device’s power. Dynamixel and XL series power voltage remain the same as supplied.

-Dynamixel and XL-Series cannot be operated with differences in voltage.



Error Report

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