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※ CM-510 is not produced currently; it is not sold any longer.


Name of Each Part

[ Name of Each Part : CM-510 ]




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Connecting Power

The power is applied  if the battery is connected to battery socket of CM-510 or if the power switch is set to ON after connecting SMPS to power jack socket. If the power is impressed, Power LED is turned on and one of the Mode Display LEDs flickers.




How to Operate

※ If the power is not turned on in spite of moving the switch to ON, the batteries may have been discharged.

     Pleaser refer to Charging to recharge, or connect the power using SMPS.

※ If START button is pressed, the LED on PLAY is not supposed to be flickering any more; that is the normal status of the execution.




RoboPlus Motion  


RoboPlus Task  

RoboPlus Manager  


Embedded C


Connecting to a PC

PC Link(Serial Cable) of CM-510 and Serial Port of PC must be connected using download cable to communication with PC.  If you want to communicate with PC on the laptop without serial port, you can communicate with PC using USB2Dynamixel.



Connecting Wireless Communication Module



If the alarm rings during the robot operation, the battery must be charged.

If the charging is started, the red LED on the charger starts flickering. If the charging is completed, the green light is turned on.


 ① Separating Battery


 ② Connecting Charger


 ③ Charging


Charging in Progress

(Red LED)

Charging Completed

(Green LED)


⇒ The robot may be operated using external power if SMPS is directly connected to robots.


⇒ Two connectors are connected to the battery: the connector for charging and the connector for operating robots.


Replacing the Fuse

The fuse in the CM-510/CM-530 prevents it from overloading,which can damage the circuit.

If the CM-510/CM-530 does not turn on with the battery but turns on when connected to the SMPS, replace your fuse.


※ The size of the fuse is shown below.  Use a 125V/5A~10A fuse.


※ How to replace the fuse

 ① Find the fuse on the back of the CM-510/CM-530.


 ② Use a pincette to replace the fuse with a new one.


Pin Information to Build User Application Device


The pin composition of CM-510 Power is as below.


External 5-Pin Port

The pin composition of CM-510 external port is as below.



    1. OUT : 5V- Torque Possible (Maximum Allowed Current 0.9A)
    2. VDD (5V)
    3. ADC : The analog signals from the sensor made by the user can be read.
    4. GND
    5. NC : Not used


Communication Device Connection Port

The functions on the pins of communication device connection port are as below.

    1. GND : Ground Level (0v)
    2. VDD :  Supply Voltage ( 2.7~3.6V )
    3. RXD : Receive Signal Terminal
    4. TXD :  Transmit Signal Terminal


3-Pin Connector Port

The functions of pins on the 3-pin connector port are as follows.  Please refer to AX-Series Pin Assignment for more information.

Please be careful not to change the direction considering the angular part.

  1. GND : Ground Level (0v)
  2. VDD :  Supply Voltage (It is equal to the voltage of battery)
  3. DATA :  Data Transmission Pin


H/W Specification

o      Allowed Range : 6.5V ~ 15V

o      Recommended Voltage : 11.1V (Li-PO 3cell)

o      When IDLE : 50mA

o      External I/O Maximum Current : 0.9A

o      Total Maximum Current : 10A (Fuse)

o      Button : 5 (Reset 1, Port 5)

o      Mic (For Sound Detection) : 1

o      Voltage Sensor : 1

o      OLLO Compatible 5 pin I/O Port : 6

o      AX/MX Series Dynamixel Connector : 5



 Using RoboPlus Manager (for CM-510)