ROBOTIS DREAM Level 3 comes with the controller and teaches you the principles of servo motor control, usage of the touch sensor and IR sensors, and LED modules.  This level will help you understand the flow chart to set up your ground work for programming.  

Operate your robot using the sensors assembled in them or play games to experience how the sensors can be used in various ways.

Caution : ROBOTIS DREAM Level 3 requires parts from ROBOTIS DREAM Level 1 and 2.

                     Please make sure to purchase these to build the robots in Level 3.

                     Users must program the robots or download the program into the controller (CM-150) to operate the robot.

                     To download programs, you will need the USB cable included in Level 1.       

                     If you want to build robots in other shapes and control them, please purchase the ROBOTIS DREAM Level 4.