ROBOTIS DREAM Level 3 Examples

For more information assembly and operation, please refer to the ROBOTIS DREAM Level 3 workbook.

You must download the examples programs below to operate your robot.  

To create your own program or download, click here to read more on how to “Download the task code.”

You will need the USB cable to download the programs. This is included in ROBOTIS DREAM Level 1.


  1. Example program of each chapter

  1. Music Box


  2. Cleanup Robot

    Dream_L3_Cleanup Robot_EN.tsk

  3. Truck


  4. Bumper Car

    DREAM_L3_Bumper Car_EN.tsk

  5. Probing Car

    DREAM_L3_ Probing Car_EN.tsk

  6.  Electric Guitar

    DREAM_L3_Electric Guitar_EN.tsk

  7. Flag Game Robot

    DREAM_L3_Flag Game Robot_EN.tsk

  8. Crane Robot  

    DREAM_L3_Crane Robot _EN.tsk

  9. Drunken Basket

    DREAM_L3_Drunken Basket_EN.tsk

  10. Viking


  11. Whac-A-Mole Robot

    DREAM_L3_Whac-A-Mole Robot_EN.tsk

  12. Goblin Robot

    DREAM_L3_Goblin Robot_EN.tsk