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OLLO Bug Kit is the third kit among the kits for everyone, and the bug robots that play line-tracing game (The robots detect lines by themselves) and control game (The robots are controlled by wireless controllers) can be built by the kit.  The assembly manual is included to build 4 types of bug robots: Beetles, Ladybugs, Callipogon Relictus, and Grasshoppers.  Build the one and only robot for yourself.


All-in-one sensor type controller(CM-100) and geared motor are included in OLLO Bug Kit.  USB Downloader(LN-101) must be purchased to build and download the program that the users can control the bug robots directly.

Please refer to Learning Program on how to program.



The Examples of 4-Types of Bug Robot Built according to the Assembly Manual


The Examples of Playable Game with OLLO Bug Robots

[ OLLO Bug Game 1 ] Bug Battle

  1. Place a robot in the circle.

  2. Start the game with the whistling of the referee.

  3. Push the opponent's robot to the outside of the circle, You Win~!!



[ OLLO Bug Game 2 ] Bug Line-Tracing

  1. Place a bug robot on the line.

  2. The robot traces the line as soon as the power is turned on.

  3. Line-printed handout for OLLO Bug Line-Tracing

             :    OLLO_LineTrace.pdf




Make the line to be traced by the bug using the enclosed puzzle board with various shapes.

The robot can go anywhere it wants.

Line-printed handout for bug puzzle race :

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