1. Connect the ROBOTIS MINI Bluetooth on your computer

Bluetooth must be installed in your computer to connect it to ROBOTIS MINI. If you do not have it installed, you must purchase a Bluetooth dongle.  If you already have Bluetooth, use the method below to register ROBOTIS MINIs Bluetooth (BT-210) to your computer.

(The method below is based on  Windows 7/8/8.1)

For Windows 8/8.1, to open the ‘Control Panel’ click on the right side of the charm bar then click ‘Setting.’


● Connect the Bluetooth (BT-210) to your robot and turn the power on.

● Select ‘Control Panel’  > ‘Hardware and Sound’  > ‘Add a device’ on your computer

● Select ‘ROBOTIS BT-210’ from your list and click ‘Next.’

When there is more than one device, check the Properties of the device by clicking on the right side of your mouse.

Make sure the Unique Identifier number of your Bluetooth under the ‘Bluetooth’ tab is the same number you wish to use.  


● Select  Enter the device's pairing code from the Connection Option.

● Input ‘0000’ then click ‘Next.’


● Device has been successfully added.



2. Check the connecting port number for the ROBOTIS MINI App

● Select ‘Control Panel’ à ‘Hardware and Sound’ à ‘View devices and printers’ on your computer.

● Select ‘Properties’ by right clicking on the BT-210 that you just added.

● Check the COM port under the ‘Hardware’  tab.


3. Program with RoboPlus(R+) Task

A Task is a set of motions to perform a certain actions. RoboPlus refers to the source code that specifies tasks to be executed by the robot as  Task Code'. The robot moves according to your task codes. RoboPlus Task is a software to make writing these task codes easier.  


RoboPlus Task Download and Usage

RoboPlus(R+) Task can be downloaded from the ROBOTIS website under Support à Download. Please refer to the RoboPlus Task for detailed on how to use the program.

Click here to learn more about RoboPlus Task.

Click here to download RoboPlus.


Task programming example

Below is a program example for ROBOTIS MINI. This program is a master and slave program where the left arm makes the same motions as the right arm.

The example file can be downloaded from the e-Manual.
Task file

Download Task Code

The composed task code must be downloaded to the DARWIN-MINI. Downloading will save the task code to the controller,.

● The PC must be connected to the controller. Please refer to the section above on connecting the ROBOTIS MINI with the PC via Bluetooth.
● Check the port
ROBOTIS MINI is connected on.

    If you don’t know the port, select ‘Auto Search’.

    If RoboPlus can’t find the controller, the following message will show up on the screen. In this case, follow the instructions on the screen.

● Select the Download icon (
shortcut key F6).

    If there is an error in the program, make sure to find and to fix the error.

    (Please refer to the rule check error message at the end of your program.)


● Download in progress.

   If downloading fails, please try again from the beginning.

● Turning the ROBOTIS MINI controller OFF then ON will automatically run the task code downloaded on the controller. Check whether the robot operates in the way it was downloaded in.


4. Edit motions with RoboPlus(R+) Motion

Motion data is a set of motor position and speed data, which is required to make the robot move in a certain way. The robot requires the motion file to move, so the correct file must be downloaded to the robot to perform the correct action.

RoboPlus MOTION is used to program various motions.



The Task Code composed in RoboPlus Task is a program. Motion file, on the other hand, is a data. Task codes decide how the robot moves, and making the moves to be carried out requires motion data.

Roboplus Motion is the program that helps to easily make the robot motion data.

How to download and use RoboPlus Motion

The RoboPlus Motion program can be downloaded from the ROBOTIS homepage.
Further instructions on how to use it can be found on the e-Manual.


ROBOTIS homepage download page

e-Manual on how to use  RoboPlus Motion


DARWIN-MINI basic motion file

The basic ROBOTIS MINI motion file can be also downloaded on the e-Manual page.

Download ROBOTIS MINI motion sample file

Try editing the sample file referring to the RoboPlus Motion instructions on e-Manual.

Download Motion File

Download the edited motion file to the robot to use it in the ROBOTIS MINI App or task code.

Like the task code, the motion data needs to be downloaded to the controller once.

● The PC must be connected the controller. Please refer to the section above on connecting the DARWIN-MINI with the PC via Bluetooth.

● Click ‘connect’ on the bottom left.

● Select the port to connect on, and click connect.

 If you don’t know the port, select ‘Auto Search’.

● If connection is successful, the port number and connection speed will be displayed on the bottom left.


● Move to the motion download tab on the top to download the motion data, select the motion group to download, and click the download button.


● Download progress will be shown, and the ‘Download Success’ message will be shown on the bottom log window.

Now, check with the ROBOTIS MINI App or task code to see if the edited motion performs the way it should.