ROBOTIS e-Manual v1.29.00


Please be aware of your own safety as you assemble. ROBOTIS CO., LTD is not responsible for the result of any accidents caused by the user’s negligence.


  1. Safety Precautions
  1. Assembly Precautions
  1. Precautions During Use

Charging the Li-ion battery

Insert the li-ion battery in the charger case with the USB connector.

The battery does not come charged. Please charge before use.

 Frame Assembly for Dynamixel XL-320
There are two different marks on the horn. Top marked and the bottom marked Before assembly, make sure the marks are in their proper position.
Checking the percentage of the li-ion battery
The controller checks the battery percentage when the power is turned on.

Status Movement

Good Battery Percentage

All LEDs blink in RED 1 time.

Insufficient Battery Percentage

All LEDs blink in RED 5 times


When you encounter any of the following, please immediately turn off the switch and contact ROBOTIS.

   ● When you see smoke from the product
   ● When the LED on the Dynamixel XL-320 does not blink during the ‘Actuator Test.’
   ● When the robot has been exposed to water or any debris has gone into the parts.
   ● When you smell anything odd
   ● When the robot is damaged


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