Platform Porting

Dynamixel SDK provides sources so that the users can perform porting to various platforms.



Source Structure

Platform-independent source is written in standard C langunage so as to be compiled in all C language compilers without H/W-dependent routine. In this source, only the protocol-related contents are actualized to make instruction packet and analyze status packet.  The users, if there is no specific case, do not have to modify the contents of source.

► Related Source Files: dynamixel.h, dynamixel.c

► Necessary Files to Build: dxl_hal.h, dxl_hal.c


Platform-dependent source must include H/W-dependent routine in order to be actually operated in the controller.  If the users desire to use Dynamixel SDK in other unsupported platforms, the source must be modified.

► Related Source Files: dxl_hal.h, dxl_hal.c


How to Do Porting

If you want to do Porting, you must actualize the following functions pursuant to each platform.