Dynamixel SDK for Windows

Dynamixel SDK for Windows can be downloaded.


If using DXL communication 1.0, please download the SDK below.


DXL_SDK_Win32_ v1_02.zip

DXL_SDK_Win64_ v1_02.zip


If using DXL communication 2.0, please download the SDK below.


DXL_SDK_Win32_ v2_02.zip

DXL_SDK_Win64_ v2_02.zip



[System Requirements]

  ▶ OS : Windows XP/Vista/7 (32/64bit)

  ▶ USB2Dynamixel is required.

  ▶ In case DLL loading is not available :  Needs to install Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 re-distribution package.


Installing USB2Dynamixel Driver

If you install the RoboPlus,  FTDI Driver (USB2Dynamixel, USB Downloader (LN-101) driver) is installed together automatically.
If you didn't install the RoboPlus yet, or if the driver is not installed appropriately, please install it manually according to following procedures.  


  1. Connect a device to PC. If the driver is not installed yet, Found New Hardware Wizard will be popped up.
    Install from a list or specific location (Advanced)(S) -> Next(N)
  2. Decide the location of Driver.
    If RoboPlus S/W has been installed automatically, the driver is in LN101 folder of RoboPlus Installation folder.  
    Or if you want to install the newest version, download the newest version VCP driver from FTDI Driver Download page.

  3. Click the Next(N) button to start the installation. Installation of USB Serial Converter driver is completed.

  4. Install the USB Serial Port driver in the same way.



Setting the Response Speed

The response speed must be reset to make the response speed of USB2Dynamixel and Dynamixel faster.

How to set the response speed is as follows.


1. If you go to Control Panel - System - Device Manager, you can find USB Serial Port as below.


2. Click "Advanced" button from "Select Port" tab of registration information window.


3. Set the Response Time Adjustment in BM-related setting to 1 as the picture below, and click "Confirm" button.


Composing Folder

The folder structure of Dynamixel SDK for Windows is as follows:

/bin             : DLL files for Windows are included.

/import       : necessary files for programming are included.

/src              : DLL sources are included.

/example  : Examples to control Dynamixel for users' programming environment are included.


Setting Environment Variables

If you want to execute a program developed by Dynamixel SDK, dynamixel.dll is requred.

dynamixel.dll is included in bin folder of Dynamixel SDK.

If you register the location of dynamixel.dll as an environment variable for Windows, dll is not necessary when the program is executed.
If you do not want to register the location of dll as environment variables, the program and dll must be distributed together.


1. If you go to Control Panel - System -  Advanced, you can find Environment Variable as below.


2. Find Path category in system variables, and then click "Edit" button.


3. Add bin folder to the end of existing variable values with semicolon under the example folder.

Please be careful not to change or delete the existing variable values.

The example below shows added things, assuming the location of DLL file is C:\Project\bin.


Example List

Please refer to the following links for examples pursuant to programming environment.

Dynamixel Camunication 1.0


Dynamixel Camunication 2.0