Motion Offset

Offset is the difference from a standard value. Motion offset refers to the difference from the standard motion, and the robot that performs the standard motion is called the "Master Robot."  

Even when robots of the same type are performing the same motions, there will be differences in their poses.  This is due to discrepancies in motor locations and errors in assembly.  These differences may even cause some robots to fall down.  "Motion Offset" is used to resolve these differences.

Generally, motion offset is small enough to be ignored.
However, for robots that are sensitive to balance, such as humanoids, motion offset can be a source of critical problems.  


Edit Motion Offset

Discrepancies in the location of robot joints can be fixed using the "Edit Motion Offset" function.

When the menu is selected, the torque of all joints will be turned on to sustain its current position.  Therefore, it would be beneficial to execute this function when the robot is in a pose where the differences can be easily distinguished.   



Select the joint to edit its value with the editor.  






Save as File