RoboPlus Motion


What is a Motion?

A motion is a set of actuator position and speed data necessary for robot movements.

In order for the robot to move, a motion file is required.  A suitable motion file must be downloaded for the assembled robot.

A motion file is identified by the icon below, and its file extension is .mtn.


What is the relationship between a motion and task code?

A task code file is a program while a motion file is data.  For better understanding, let us think about MP3 players and MP3 files.  If there were no MP3 players, you will not be able to listen to music because MP3 file could not be played.  The result is the same when there is an MP3 player but no MP3 file.  If you want to make your robot move, you need a task code file.  If the task code downloaded into your robot uses motions, you must download the motion file as well.  If no motions are used in the task code, you do not need the motion file.