I.Installing Scratch2Offline

1. Go to the Scratch2Offline download page (https://scratch.mit.edu/scratch2download/)

2. Download Adobe AIR and the Scratch Offline Editor for your OS.

Note: If Scratch2Offline is not installed, clicking on the “New Scratch” or “Open Scratch” buttons from R+ Scratch’s Home Screen will link to the Scratch2Offline download page.


Ⅱ. Installing the ROBOTIS Virtual COM Port Driver

1. If the driver is properly installed and your Controller is connected to your PC and powered on, you will see “ROBOTIS Virtual COM Port(COM X)” in Device Manager.

2. If the device shows up as “USB Serial Port,” then you must update the driver.

3. Right-click on “USB Serial Port” and select “Update Driver Software…”

4. Select “Browse my computer for driver software”.

5. Select “Let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer”.

6. Select “ROBOTIS Virtual COM Port” and click “Next” to finish the installation.


To install the USB driver manually, please visit the following link:



III. Directly Adding an Extension Block

● Selecting the Controller and clicking the “New Scratch” or “Open Scratch” buttons will open a Scratch project with the blocks related to the Controller automatically included.

● When executing Scratch directly or clicking Create New in the Scratch Menu, you will have to add a block directly as instructed below.

● When you are trying to connect an example downloaded from the Scratch website ( https://scratch.mit.edu/starter_projects/ ) or a previously created Scratch with the Controller, you can add an Extension Block directly.


1. Copy the path of the folder that is opened after clicking the Help Menu.

2. While holding down the “Shift” key, click the “File” menu. Click on “Import experimental HTTP extension.”

3. In the resulting window, paste in the path name and select the *.json file extension of the Controller “Extension Blocks” you wish to add.

4. The selected blocks are now shown in the “Extension Block” list.