Robot Maintenance



Robotis recommends that DARwIn-OP users perform preventive maintenance once every 1200 minutes (20 hours) worth of motion.

Robots are moving mechanical parts and preventive maintenance is necessary to keep robots in optimum conditions.

Perform maintenance in a well-lit and dry place.

Neglect may result in unnecessary and costly damage.


Every single screw and nut should be tightened.

Overtightening is not necessary and may be counterproductive as it may damage the threading of the bolts and wrenches.

Disassembling DARwIn-OP

Remove the battery

Remove the plastic skin on DARwIn-OP. This includes the head and body.

If your DARwIn-OP includes FSR units on its feet then you should also remove the plastic casing from the feet.


Divide DARwIn-OP into the following groups/sections



Ensure that all connections are properly secured

Ensure that the long cables are laid flat free of twists

Replace cables whenever the protective coat has a cut leaving the wire(s) exposed to air.



Please ensure that the actuators, main controller and sub controller are free of dust. Although dust may not harm the internal components of both main controller and sub controller under dry condition, humidity may cause static potentially doing costly permanent damage to the controllers.

The recommended tools to remove dust, dirt and debris compressed air blower, or a non-metallic soft brush